Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Chocolatier/Perfume Engineer Joseph Atallah

November 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 13
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Chocolatier/Perfume Engineer Joseph Atallah
Show Notes

Chemistry has come into Joseph's Life naturally from learning it as a subject in school to pathway into his early career as a food scientist and perfume engineer. Tracing back to 1994, he built his chocolate brand' 'Kimberley Chocolate' with a mission to make high-quality chocolates accessible to our community. 

'Kimberley Chocolate' features high-quality handmade chocolates with the use of pure chocolate and fresh cream only. On top of that, 'Kimberley Chocolate' reached another innovative breakthrough by adding local Australian flavours (chilli, lemon myrtle, and quandong), which gained massive popularity among residents.  His business is rooted within the community from the start point, specifically, selling at local markets at a reasonable price.  As an award-winning chocolate brand, Joseph didn't push to scale his chocolate business for massive commercial produce and sale.  Sticking to his initial intention, which is to make high-quality Chocolate, Joseph kept his business at the crafted stage but evolved his business through making his own chocolate. Another side of his Life is to make Perfume.  Perfume is pure chemistry. Joseph went back to pick up perfume again, deciding to make his own Perfume.  I am so touched by the craftsman spirit Joseph represents: the lifetime dedication and commitment to their passions. Craftspersons like Joseph indeed contribute to Australia's cultural abundance, exquisiteness and uniqueness significantly!

Joseph believes if you know something deep enough, you will want to impart your knowledge. If you are also interested in people, you will want to become a teacher.  Joseph has transformed his passion into teaching people to make their own chocolates and Perfume at this stage of his Life.  Being an educator fits his character perfectly and enables him to pass on his years of in-depth knowledge and skill in making chocolates and Perfume to others through his genuine and generous sharing. 

Joseph said When it comes to making Perfume, just choose whatever you like. The fragrance will organize and plan itself and work out in its way.  But Life is different with fragrances evaporation. Life can 't work it out its way without self-guide. Joseph shared more his life-guide lessons: Learning through mistakes is the path to success. Adversity builds characters. You are the only one who can pull Yousef out it of the dark place. As he said, we only get more questions while we keep searching. There won't be a final answer. The sense of satisfaction and joy brought by doing what we are passionate about can be part of answers along the way.

I think Life consists of different phases. We should truly experience every single moment in each phase and enjoy every ride. Keeping searching serves as a sustainable source of drive to live our Life to the fullest at a different phase of our Life.

Thanks for listening to my podcast. See you next time! 
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