Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Content Producer/Musician Rowan Fitzpatrick

September 04, 2021 Season 1 Episode 9
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Content Producer/Musician Rowan Fitzpatrick
Show Notes

It was such a huge honor to have an interview with Content Producer/ Musician Rowan Fitzpatrick! He was also my classmate from the Radio and Journalism class last year!  It’s a fun and light episode where we had so many laughs and flashback memories!
Since graduating last year, Rowan has continued his radio journey as a volunteer in a community radio station. As a content producer, he has transitioned from a morning breakfast show to a radio sports show called ‘across the park.’ He truly enjoys producing sport-related content as he is also a big fan of the sport. His connection to the radio may trace back to his childhood as a ‘pretending news presenter’, then randomly had water tasting at his current workplace for news broadcasting, which led him to enroll in the radio course where we first met! We had so much fun on the radio station last year, and he applied everything he learned in class to actual practice since then!
He is also a musician and a local band member: ‘ Heart of Mind.’  He shared his band history and story in this episode. I truly feel honored to have the opportunity to fit some fantastic singles from his band into this episode ( Moonlight, Fire), which makes this episode so unique and fun!  The music industry took a massive hit by this pandemic (even before the pandemic). We also dig in local artists/musicians working conditions, advocating for more national support.  Music has always played a healing and therapeutic role in my life, and I believe music also does magic on many people.
While I am finalizing this episode, Sydney is entering the third month of lockdown. Thanks for Rowan’s genuine and humorous sharing, I had so much fun and laughter in producing this episode. I want to send this joy to anyone who may listen to it. We will get through this difficult time because a world with music is so beautiful, and a life with passion is so fulfilling!
Thanks for listening to my podcast today. See you next time!
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