Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with NYC Content Strategist Bella Jiang

August 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 8
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with NYC Content Strategist Bella Jiang
Show Notes

It’s a huge a honor to have Bella joining my podcast today who is a creative strategist based in NYC. From discovering  her strong passion in art as a kid to choosing a major or career in specific, she has always been a risk- taker person who makes her own major life decision, regardless of different voices all the way along.
We see her living her dreaming NY life at this moment, thriving and shinning on her stage. But the story behind it touches me to the deepest. While exposing herself to unexpected cultural shock and unknown knowledge pouring in, she managed to have the best time of studying a niche major in Brown University. The tremendous effort she put in can be described as ‘crazy’: truly absorb art theory in class and take four part-time jobs outside class in Galleries/ PR companies, etc., Although she was once only one step away from her dream offer, reality didn’t set her up for a one-way straight ticket.  She didn’t give in setback but took another path to get back to her passionate point. It’s not a smooth transition into where she is now, but she never limits herself to what she has achieved. With a long-term vision towards future, she is consciously enjoying current moments with a fearless spirit and curious eye and exploring more potential life possibilities.
This girl also combines her feminine outside with resilience inside, formulating her one captivating quality. We dig into her interpretation of femininity and further touch on ‘gender equality ‘women’s empowerment, ‘mutual respect’ ‘new power structure landscape’.  To build a united and equal community and society, we believe both women and men should not be confined to stereotypical roles based on gender. Everyone should access the equal right to choose their lifestyle and life path.
I am also personally attached to the topic ‘Loneliness’ as Lockdown in Sydney comes at the end of the second month. Pandemic took a massive toll on individuals and the world as a whole on so many levels. We have no other options but strive to survive and grow ourselves. Bella and I luckily reached a certain point of enjoying solitude and loneliness, which took us to the next stage of self-discovery and self-care.  Meanwhile, these seemingly opposite elements, enjoying loneliness and seeking for deep human connection, can work together beautifully in harmony. Bella’s passion for other aspects of life also manifests through her many hobbies (writing, painting, reading, music, photography, fashion, etc.). We both appreciate the essential role of hobbies in our lives, which connects her to the world and brings me a sense of identify and belonging.
If you see this girl’s strict daily schedule featuring high self-discipline, you will come to realize how she is genuinely counting on every minute of designing her artistic lifestyle. But she firmly believes each person is their own life designer with their own life formula.  Sticking to our inner voice matters the most. But connecting to a person who is like-minded, as Bella said, also reinforces and reassures us that we are on the right track. I truly appreciate her echo to my podcast’s intention and thank her for making me feel more determined to enjoy my ride on designing my unique life journey.
Thanks for listening to my podcast. See you next time!
Conntect to Bella :
Website: https: bellajiang
Instagram:  itsbellajiang
小红书: 一只纽约文艺狗 Bella