Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Bilingual MC/Voiceover Artist/ Model Haruka Shinno

July 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 7
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Bilingual MC/Voiceover Artist/ Model Haruka Shinno
Show Notes

Haruka is a Japanese and English speaking MC/Presenter/Voiceover Artist based in Sydney. 
In today's episode, Haruka shared her life transformation journey that truly touched my heart. What impressed me the most is that she has always been her life decision-maker, which takes tremendous courage, strong willpower, and most importantly, actions.  We see her now as an inspiring powerhouse which she is. She has also been through just as much growing pain and struggling as any others from her young teenagerhood to current motherhood periods.

When she was no longer just content with being a full-time Mum, she stepped out of her comfort zone to build up her business as a MC (Master of Ceremonies) and Voice-over artist. She may encounter her 'mean to do career role' overnight, but it's an outcome of years of building up of her life experience and parenting influences she received.  Essentially, she decided to confront her self-lost and to question her life direction. Using her voice and language to serve people becomes not only her true calling but also becomes the way she wants to be remembered by her kids: A Mum who is living intentionally, serving people with true passion. Even for a second, I thought she was a natural, confident champion, but, as she said herself, she also came a long way to build her self-esteem and confidence. When her beloved grandmother passed away, it hit her with the ultimate life question: life is so short, and how do I want to live my life? All her fears and self-doubts were gone at that moment when she thought it through, which eventually led her to embark on her MC journey.

Growing up in the culture of putting others' feelings first while suppressing their own emotions in Japan, she is also a strong advocator of raising people's awareness in mental health, wishing to have more hotlines or support services accessible to Japanese. Writing letters to her family members and friends became her tradition which she found a great way of expressing her feelings. Due to her personal experience of being bullied at school back to her young teenagerhood period, she feels strongly about helping children experience difficult times or traumatic events.  The helpless feelings she once experienced impelled her to make up her mind of reaching out to those struggling children and guiding them in the right direction. Therefore, her ultimate goal is to build up a platform where children feel safe and supportive of being open.  A person like Haruka is the key messenger here to spread the words and lead the actions to address those social issues.  I believe individuals' power and voice matter.

 In the end, I want to say this conversation is an amazing encounter with a strong spirit and beautiful soul, which makes me feel the hope and beauty towards humanity and life.

Thanks for listening to my podcast. See you next time.
Conntect Haruka :
Instagram  : haruka_bilingualemcee
YouTube: Haruka’s MC Channel