Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Bella Is Back In 2023: Living In The Present and Creating Experiential Moments

December 13, 2023 Jingyu Chen Season 1 Episode 31
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Bella Is Back In 2023: Living In The Present and Creating Experiential Moments
Show Notes

I am so thrilled to have Bella back on Life Designer for the finale episode in 2023! Bella and I made this cute little pact to make an annual podcast—completely unscripted like girl chit-chat, yet very sophisticated conversations. It's an intimate gaze into our personal growth and introspection every year. This marks our third episode in the third year!
About being present : The year 2023 marks a full-circle moment for both of us. We no longer perpetuate the idea of creating a new reality, instead, we shift our mindset to embrace each current moment. Travel, for us, is neither an escape nor a remedy that distances us from our mundane daily lives. We intend to make each day count, infused with the same level of energy, curiosity, and passion that we experience when we are on the road.

About Existential Crisis: Both of us have faced our fair share of struggles and moments of self-loss, where our inner voice and outward expectations failed to align. It's a painful yet beautiful dance that eventually guides us to live in alignment with our values. By choosing intentional living, we are better equipped to counterbalance the giant distractions from the outside world, ultimately prevailing over existential threats.  Bella said 'I embrace and celebrate the way people live their lives but also claim my rights and freedom to design life the way I wish.' I have also reached a point where I've built a solid yet distant, safe boundary with society. I appreciate the otherness of individuals but also strive to carve out my authentic, unique, and unapologetic life.

About the Paradox of Time: Time is limited, but as Bella said, when we know how to use our time, it can be on our side, working with us. Time can do wonders. I also always said time is my biggest asset, and I am determined to turn its limited nature into a gateway towards an unlimited future.

About Ego and Pretentiousness:  Bella uncovers what leads us to be consumed by ego and how it keeps us from being humble, curious and empathetic.  Yet about pretentiousness, Bella said we can be confident in knowing what we know without selling ourselves for short.  Personally, I believe that the element of pretentiousness defines an artist's artistry and sustains their creativity and authenticity. I've made a promise to myself to forever protect the sensibility, pretentiousness, and authenticity of an artist like Bella.

About Writing & Singing: Authenticity is rooted in her writing ethos. Writing serves as her self-portrait of honesty and reputation. A good writer draws inspiration from predecessors through dense and in-depth reading and researching, as well as from their own life experiences and understanding. Bella said she will be writing for her the rest of life, eager to see where life will take her. We both truly want to deeply take in, understand and see the world intellectually and aesthetically. 
I told Bella that it took a few very profound moments of grief for me to reconcile with the fact that I am not inherently talented in any sense, but she said I am talented. My energy and curiosity towards the world are so unique and precious. I  have come to define my role as a keen observer and listener of the world, aiding beautiful souls like Bella to shine and illuminate more people.

Thank you all for listening to my podcast, 'Life Designer,' in 2023. See you all in 2024!

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