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How to craft an enriched and vibrant life I Luella Pu: Interior Designer / Serial Entrepreneur I Part Two

October 28, 2023 Jingyu Chen Season 1 Episode 30
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
How to craft an enriched and vibrant life I Luella Pu: Interior Designer / Serial Entrepreneur I Part Two
Show Notes

In the Part Two,  Luella shares intimate insights into her experiences with relationship-building, parenting, self-care, and more.  Relationship-building took immense amount of efforts but the reward is worth it,  because the right partner also become your best mentor. That being said, personal growth should continue to perpetuate regardless of one’s relationship status (married or single ). We are often drawn to those who radiate from the inside out. When individuals exude positivity , they not only attract the right person but also find their supportive village. I am a firm believer that your vibe attracts your tribes.  Ongoing personal growth is also Luella’s secret ingredients to maintain marriage’s longevity and  fluidity. Another mentality shared by Luella is treating your partner like your child, allowing both individuals to grow and evolve together from a selfless place rather than one outpowering another.

 When it comes to parenting,  Luella emphasizes the narrative and awareness of self-love should be essential part of early childhood education. Self-love not only equips children with discerning intelligence but also prepares them with sense of responsibility. With self- love at its core, they grow up to become adults with the strength to walk away from toxic relationships, and the ability to treat others with respect and care. As much as Luella enjoys being a mum and discussing parenting, she refuses to label herself  solely a mum or putting herself on secondary or hold mode . Instead of projecting the image of super mum who take care of everything, she reveals her vulnerability to her  child. 

Another  mindset that Luella intentionally applies to her parenting is to reward her child’s efforts in attempting goals regardless of results. When children focus more on process than outcome, they are more likely to take on high-stakes challenges. Her another parenting  mindset tool , dismantling our fears, also deeply resonates with me. The story of her guiding her son to confront fear rather than shunning away was mind-blown.  She highlighted that just because we may not be naturally gifted in certain areas, doesn’t mean we should walk away from them entirely. Working out the audacity to face our fears provide an opportunity to unlock our full potential. The goal is not to be master in all domains. Even just  'dabbling' gives us a glimpse of what’s happening around and provides us with fuller ranger of  common sense and higher awareness.  When success is not the sole goal, naturally human are more  fearless to in addressing their weaknesses.
Through my personal growth journey, I also want to add in is if we really are trying to deeply see, take in and understand the world, on all dimension possible, intellectually, aesthetically.,  inevitably we have to push the edge of envelope a bit  to expand its width and depth . Walking through that fear can be intimidating and uncomfortable , but if we always stay in our comfort zone, surrender to our fear, not going to try something dreadful , we also deny ourselves a potential moment of joy and happiness.
Here is Luella’s version of success:  I did everything I possibly can, I loved everyone I can to my maximum, I also loved myself. Success to me is consistently challenge myself,  and I can unlock new chapter in my life as I age. The essence  of living a life is to grow, learn, to reflect, to be a better person for  myself and my family , so success to me is an ongoing never-end game. 

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