Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

How to craft an enriched and vibrant life I Luella Pu: Interior Designer / Serial Entrepreneur I Part One

October 28, 2023 Jingyu Chen Season 1 Episode 29
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
How to craft an enriched and vibrant life I Luella Pu: Interior Designer / Serial Entrepreneur I Part One
Show Notes

Today’s guest , Luella is A ultimate life designer, who not only curates space through the lens of interior design but also crafts a life within the container of good life.

She is an interior designer based in UK with10 pages of  her work featuring in the local prestigious publication ‘style at home’.  As a serial entrepreneur, she pivot into different business, leading up to a diverse and thriving venture profiles.
Her initial interest in human sciences led her to study both sociology and marketing in university, infusing her with invaluable institutional knowledge.  Solid academic background coupled with her Restless, the best word to encapsulate her personality, set her all up for a trajectory of hustle.
Embarking on a diverse venture journey, from her first business as a buying agent to her second endeavor, a textile company, and ultimately co-founding a property business with her husband, she shared her key learnings:  you don't need to lay out a roadmap to get started.  A path aligned with your heart will unfold into clarity and truth through the journey. Over time, you can refine skills that may not be your strong suit at first.  The things you learned from your first life can be translated into your second life as long as you stay reflective, consciously thinking back about what you've learned and the skills you've acquired. This way, you'll never waste a single second of your time. I wholeheartedly support what she said. Especially during the early establishment days of our careers or businesses, we often find ourselves doing things we perceive as boring, but it's possible that we just haven't developed the perspective to see the learning hidden underneath. When we intentionally practice deconstruction and introspection, we learn to put a different lens on things, which will take us to the next level of growth.
She started interior design as a side hustle and, with her husband, co-founded FangTing, a property business that has been running for over 10 years now.  It is quite complex business, involving property scouting, renovation, styling, and finally listing properties for rental.  Luella takes the lead on the interior design and branding side while her husband focuses on finance and investment. Her approach to interior design is grounded in the heart of serving tenants' styles and needs. As the business founder, she is mission-driven, aiming to provide not only high-quality and safe housing but also to curate homes that nurture the tenants' souls. She's an illuminating character, always placing the well-being of her employees and clients at the core and forefront. I believe that empathy has led to the flourishing of her business, perpetuating its success.  Luella's number one golden rule in property investment is that you make money when you buy, not when you sell.

At the age of 22, while her buying-agent business was at its peak, Luella received a wakeup call: earning money couldn't be her sole motivation for living. She realised she needs to  consistently challenging herself and trying new things. She said: Don't settle for things that make you comfortable. Always step out of your comfort zone and take on opportunities that make you feel unsure. Consider living your life as if you're playing a video game. You want to progress to the next level, not stay on stage one forever, right?  Life comes with numerous hurdles, regardless, so embrace them to add new meaning to your life. Eventually, this will lead to a enriched and vibrant life that's worth living and celebrating.

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