Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Entrepreneur Kaitlin Cuevas: Founder of Think Happy, Co. / Podcaster of The Think Happy Podcast/ Former Marketer

November 24, 2022 Jingyu Chen Season 1 Episode 25
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Entrepreneur Kaitlin Cuevas: Founder of Think Happy, Co. / Podcaster of The Think Happy Podcast/ Former Marketer
Show Notes

It was such a delightful and uplifting  journey to produce this episode with Kaitlin, a joyful and empowering woman who believed YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life-, and happiness is something we each create for ourselves!  She built her coaching business ‘ The Think Happy’ , teaching women intentional methods to reclaim their lives & sustain their happiness.  It took more than just one pivot  ( from teaching to marketing to be an Entrepreneur) to stand where she is now.  After working in marketing for her family business for almost a decade, she just recently pivoted to running  ‘The Think Happy’ coaching business at full-time capacity and scale.  It was a tough decision to make because  she was the retirement plan of her dad , feeling like  pulling the rug out from under his dad's feet! After lots of soul-searching, she fully embraced her true calling which is to help others live the happiest lives!
In her retrospect,  The first life in marketing not only formed into her current business but also formed into her personality and character.  Two most valuable lessons she  took way  is to always stay  open and humble to learn  as well as serving  others the best she can with her passion and skills.
It started with Kaitlin writing a book of Think Happy, which laid out pillars of her coaching business :Think Happy, Co. It’s amazing to get into the nitty and gritty of her happiness pillars which were born from her real life. Kaitlin said time management builds the foundation of everything, and she is absolutely the master of the art of hustle!  I also come to realization  at this stage  that time is the biggest asset of my life.  One signature pillar  I want to highlight in ‘The Think Happy’ is to set and achieve attainable goals. She shared that setting up multiple mini-goals will keep up our momentum to work towards our big goal without losing drive.  She said when you accomplished something, the mini goal,  you should take time to celebrate that.  Celebrating those wins and living in that excitement for a little while will do nothing but help keep driving that momentum moving forward. Her goal-setting strategies also align with my project-based lifestyle.
We further touched on my favourite topic ‘ Energy.  We believe energy is infectious and that frequency of energy translates into other people around you. It’s a ripple effect! When encountering an ‘energy block’,  she gave an example of feeling ‘overwhelm’,   she will move through those feelings not avoiding them.  Her insight into  how to identify energy-depleting factors and replenish energy just blew my mind. The key here is never let your energy level drop down to zero and then replenish.  She believes if we got fully empty, it takes much more effort to fill  back in.  It’s like if we let our cell phone battery go to zero, the battery will die. Even if you plug in and recharge it, it still takes a few mins to reboot.  
 Kaitlin said we should try our best to avoid letting our cup get totally empty.  If we continue filling in our cups through our days/ week,  it's gonna prevent it from getting dry and going empty.
Joy and happiness filled in me while  making this episode. I hope the ripple effect can translate to anyone who listen to this episode and add in your festive  December! 

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