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The One and Only Bella Is Back: Travel Creates New Reality

November 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 24
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
The One and Only Bella Is Back: Travel Creates New Reality
Show Notes

I am so thrilled and honored to have my first returning guest for this Podcast, the one and only Bella is back! Bella is a Creative Strategist based in NYC.  I interviewed her Last year around this time. A year went by, Bella and I are both growing and evolving which leads to this amazing episode about ‘ travel creates new reality ’!

Bella shared her most recent trip to Mexico City that began with Hopping in a plane alone without any planning, and a solo trip sometimes turned out to be the best trip. As Bella said, being spontaneous led her to blend in and live like a local over there. To stay away from NY’s ‘ hustle culture ‘ and lifestyle featuring super-intensity and high discipline for moments, she recharged and reinvented herself in a new country in the way that she sees things with fresh eyes and new perspectives. She feels like her ‘inner- child ‘ passion and curiosity towards the world kicked back again. The biggest takeaway from this trip was to let  guard off  herself and embrace the opportunity of building a new connection with others. Another profound impact travel does on us comes back to our mindset shift: We can see ourselves survive and thrive in different places which leads to infinite possibilities in life!

We both thus established the fact that travel leads to a new reality: when we truly open ourselves to the world, we gained the strength to build a new community and family, make new friends, and build a new life anywhere in this world. Bella said whenever we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we have the opportunity to start over again! It’s so powerful for anybody in whatever situation at whatever age. Unique travel experiences stay within us and the memories we built won’t fade away. It becomes our stories to tell when we are too old to travel, sitting on the couch and beginning to reminisce. ( In this episode, Bella shared her ‘ Crazy adventure ‘ slash the best night in Mexico; I shared my ‘debut sing in a steamboat’ story from my recent trip to New Zealand.

As Bella said:  all the small things, little moments in the stories, all those particular moments made us who we are, and made our lives special! Bella shared :

We are always growing, and picking up new things, and our priority is also changing. Our life pursuit is more than just success in careers and it even can be bigger than ourselves.

Learning is deeper than just elevating our skills to be the best in our expertise. We learn to be better persons, to be humble, to slow down, appreciate small things from each travel experience.

Apply that mindset or things we learn from that trip to other aspects of our life. Try to see how life goes and what happens to you. You start feeling excited about life again and wondering what is coming ahead!

This Episode means so much to me as we both are growing and surviving through this pandemic to this point of having this Episode about Travelling. I want to tell everyone that things do get better. Adversity builds our character and Constraints lead to Creativity!

Conntect to Bella :
Website: bellajiang
Instagram:  itsbellajiang
小红书: 一只纽约文艺狗 Bell
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