Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Amy Lyle: Comedy Writer/ Author/ Comedienne/ Actor/TV Host/ Ted Speaker (Part Two)

August 24, 2022 Season 1 Episode 22
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Amy Lyle: Comedy Writer/ Author/ Comedienne/ Actor/TV Host/ Ted Speaker (Part Two)
Show Notes

Amy's initial intention of writing a book was to get some press and have her screenplay picked up by Hollywood. It was such a life-defining moment when she realized her book actually brings so many joys and creates an escape for her readers. Her two books (Book of Failures / We're All A Mess, It's OK)  also are a big commercial success: both are number one sellers on Amazon  among other hit humor writers  like Trevor Noah,  Tina Fay, etc., but she is no longer
obsessed  about  having to have her film made by Hollywood. She hence found her consistent drive of writing which is to make people laugh and feel better about their struggles. She also dedicated three chapters of the first book to her travel to China.  She always opens herself to the outside world with strong curiosity which also passed on to her children!   Her true openness and inclusiveness got me connected to her on a deep and personal level!

We both are uplifted by others’ words  (readers, audiences, peers, etc.,).  Expressing our appreciation and admiration to others does matter.  Building a support network and community not only makes us feel less lonely on this passion-pursuit journey but also brings us a new perspective and inspiration!  We both believe life is about building connections and reaching out to those we appreciate or want to Learn with!  But Amy never expects to gain anything but rather always thinks about what to offer first.  Her experience also approves that when you genuinely reach out to someone, often you will get so much in return  ( friendship, mutual support, etc).  Although reach-out may end up being rejected,  the reach-out itself is still a worthy and fun way of expressing our feelings!
It’s one thing that two persons feel click or not,  it’s another thing that how you treat people.  We both adopt Zero tolerance to mean people who don’t treat people with basic respect. Holding  that  gratitude in heart plays a long way!

Like any creative person,  Amy experienced her zone moments which is in writing.  We both feel it’s the most amazing experience when entering that zone! That’s how we know we found our true passion! Looking back on this passion-pursue journey,  Amy said she felt so grateful and blessing to be able to achieve so much although her ultimate goal of being  that writing room is yet to be fulfilled.  This podcast journey with her is beyond words amazing, and I want to highlight some reflections and thoughts of her that I will always  keep in my mind:

There is truth, honesty, and value just to pursue your dream, regardless of the results.
There are lots of little wins you need to celebrate in the process of pursuing your dream.
Sometimes we feel if I have this thing, we will be happy. The truth is you probably won't be , because it's  not  about a thing, money or one particular reward, I think it's about the Journey.
100 % pursue your passion at a younger age, but it’s never too late to start, just start doing something from today!

It's’ about the journey, not the destination. While Amy and  I both are still on the journey, we believe the best way to go through this journey is to trust and enjoy the process that will lead to our end goal!  I wholeheartedly believe Amy will break into that writing room where she belongs to!

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Website: amylyle
Instagram: amylyleauthor
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