Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Conversation with Amy Lyle: Comedy Writer/ Author/ Comedienne/ Actor/TV Host/ Ted Speaker(Part One)

August 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 21
Life Designer with Jingyu Chen
Conversation with Amy Lyle: Comedy Writer/ Author/ Comedienne/ Actor/TV Host/ Ted Speaker(Part One)
Show Notes

From the outside look inside,  Amy is such a multi-hyphenate, wearing lots of hats. She pivoted a big way from finance to the creative world where she is currently thriving! This is another inspiring story that if you dare to dream and the dream will come true!

It all started her role shift from a working person to a stay-home Mum, which promoted her to find her first creative outlet: Acting on the local church stage. She committed to performing there for a decade which also got her to connect to her biggest passion: Becoming a Screenwriter! To reach the end goal of having her screenplay picked up by Hollywood, she took a Hollywood attorney’s advice of getting some press first which led to the frequency of all events. She wrote two best-selling humor books( Book of Failures /  We're All A Mess, It's OK) on Amazon, became a regular guest in a Morning show in Atlanta , played her first lead role in the movie ‘ the intervierwers’, did a Ted Talk, and is running a local TV Show'' In The Burbs” and an active stand-up Comedienne, etc., the list can go on.

Looking back, she said everything she did was not by any grand design but go above what she thought she was capable of. She embarked on an unknown and even a bit scary journey which turned out to be the best years of her life. She shared that the best feeling is to overcome that fear and take that plunge of trying something you were not initially good at but over time you became better and even mastered it. 

Growing up in a raging family, Amy, since she was little girl, found humor as the safety net in her life. Her natural sense of humor not only saved her from those traumatized moments in childhood but also extends  into her adulthood and becomes a big trademark of all her creative work. She believes humor can be found everywhere (personal life, workplace, and creative pursuit, etc., ) even in the weirdest place and darkest moments. She said comedy often comes from a place of pain and humor is a comedian's coping mechanism. Of course humor didn’t discriminate against backgrounds or anything. We need more humor and comedians in this world. Personally, I believe humor is the ultimate optimism and resilience built in a person’s spirit and character!

There are different types of humor. Amy appreciates self-deprecating/observational versus personal attack ., She and I both believe humor should bring joy to someone, not at a cost of anyone. I really appreciate Amy fully leveraging her talents in humor and tapping into creativity, fulfilling her mission of making the whole world laugh!

Here comes the most generous sharing from Amy:  Humor ( If not fortunate enough to carry it naturally lol ), can be developed and mastered as a skill! Taking a comedy class helps those who aim to be stand-up comedians, but just in a general sense, helps to increase a person’s confidence (in public speaking, etc.,) in their fields. Other tricks and tips to add humor to our daily life include journaling funny things, watching funny movies, and reading funny books, etc., Humor is a piece of muscle we should intentionally exercise and practice! 

It’s a dream come true for me to get to do this ‘ humor episode’ with a such kind and joyful soul! Tune in  our second episode and we are gonna  dive in  Amy’s  creative world ( Her books, ultimate goals  Zone status, ideal lifestyle, etc) Don’t miss  the joys!
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